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Candida Albicans

What is Candida Albicans?

Candida refers to yeasts that can cause infections. Candidaemia refers to candida in the bloodstream. Candida Albicans is a ground dwelling yeast. It normally is found living in the soil. However, as with many micro-organisms, candida is an opportunistic microbe, than is capable of exploiting a number of enviornments.

The human intestine is one such enviornment. Candida can reproduce by forming spores, which are highly resistant to stomach acid and bile. Since candida spores are almost everywhere, little wonder that a few candida spores on a piece of food eventually end up colonizing the intestines of the vast majority of human beings. For all practical purposes colonization by candida is unavoidable. Resistance is futile.

Symptoms include muscle cricks, constant pain, reoccuring head ache, aggressiveness, flinching, electric shocks, anger, anxiety, and fear.

Personal Theory, Candida Albicans
That Guy from New Jersey

Hello everyone. I've been struggling with what I've found to be candida for around a year but I've been having health problems since I was about 16 or 17. I was always tired, suffered from a bad complexion that nothing could fix I had very dry brittle hair, bowel problems I was always exhausted and I had a hard time going out on big trips to concerts with my friends because I would get tired way to easily and I had concentration problems. Of course I was a sugar fiend I drank and ate crazy amounts of sugar and ate awful food.

at the age of 19 I decided I would attempt to clean up my act and it all helped off and on but I didn't have any major improvements until I was 22 and I pretty much went on a completely raw food diet with no bread or sugar. It was easier because I was unemployed for those few months so I didn't have to do much Either way I felt better than I did in years, my skin cleared up and my nose wasn't red or oily and I felt great. Strangely enough there where times in those few weeks where I felt sick for no reason which I now realized was mild die off. maybe 8 months after that I realized that what I've had was candida and things all started falling into place, at least thats what I thought at the time I tried lots of things including three lac and peroxide which all worked to some effect then I tried coconut oil which has worked better than anything I've ever used and I'm still using it in smaller amounts now.

I know this is a little long but my point is I recently took my temperature and it was well below normal around 95.7 to 97.8 I've read in a few places that low body temperature correlates with candida in a lot of cases and people with a low body temp due to a thyroid problem who happen to have candida seem to be amazed at how fast there candida leaves them once they take care of the temperature problem. This really interested me because all this time and money I've spent trying to rid myself of this overgrowth could have been spent trying to fix what I now believe is my real problem and many peoples which is a thyroid issue.

Even in the past two weeks that I've started working on getting my body temperature up I've noticed a huge difference in how I've felt and even more interesting I've started to see white to brown chunks that float to the top of the water in my bowel movements and upon closer evaluation I believe it is candida that is coming loose from my intestines I've even noticed what look like roots (aka rhizomes) on some of them.

I plan on taking a picture next time I see them and I happen to be home. So far all I've been doing is taking zinc and selenium and working out for about an hour every other day and my body temperature is generally higher now at some points its even 98.1, I plan on getting some thyroid glandular supplements to see if they help also and I will keep you all posted. If the glandular doesn't work I'm going to go to a doctor and prescription route. Hopefully if I can get my body temp to normal levels my years of problems will be gone for good and I can work on getting my body temperature to normal levels without any help. I think anyone on this site that is suffering should really check there body temperature and see if its on the low side, and if it is you should make an attempt to fix that and see if it makes a difference.

Oh as a side note I havent been following any candida diet with the exception of trying to limit sugar and since I've started this body temperature raising regimen it seems to be working out very well.

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